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A linked List is a list of elements that are connected in sequence to each other by a set of pointers and an Array and Linked List both are commonly used linear data structures.

Linked list elements are not stored at a contiguous location, unlike an array, the elements are linked using pointers.

Introduction Linked List Data Structure Frontend Gyaan

Each Element is Known as a node and the node consists of two parts each node stores the data and the address of the next node.

  • Data – Values to be Stored in a Node.
  • Pointer – links or references to other nodes in a list.

Why Linked List?

We know Array also stores data in linear data structure So why Not Array? Actually, the array has Some limitations.

  • The size of the arrays is fixed.
  • Insertion of a new element / Deletion is not easy.

Types Of Linked List

  1. Singly Linked List
  2. Double Linked List
  3. Circular Linked List

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages –

  • Dynamic in nature i.e allocates memory when required.
  • Insertion and deletion operations can be executed easily.
  • Stack and Queues can be implemented easily.
  • Reduces the access time.
  • Efficient memory utilization, no need to pre-allocate memory.

Disadvantages –

  1. No random access everything is sequential.
  2. Waste of memory as pointers require extra memory space.
  3. Reverse Traveeral is Difficult.
  4. Memory space restriction as a new node can only be created if space is available in the heap.
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